Our Story

Sparky Wedding was established in 2011 by a group of photographers led by Rifat Hasan. Basically we have been through lots of wedding and know well to minimize your cost which is now offering you full wedding support whenever and wherever you need. We will try to ease your pressure and sitting in your home you can enjoy your wedding. We take your wedding as our own program. We occasionally behave professionally in case of event. We deliver product with great responsibility and try to support you all the way through program. In Photography and Cinematography we take time for delivering the product not because we have loads of work, but because of quality.

We don’t act like we are the best, we are learning every single moment your advice which is the learning process for us. We can provide you all support with due respect we have that much knowledge to minimize your cost. We are not giant company in this market so we act like we are nothing which leads you to get good and proper service. We have bunch of professionals to take over whole program. ┬áBy satisfying you, ask for little amount of money with great service. Visit once, hopefully you would love to take us to your EVENT.